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Growing Green Fingers – The Benefits Of Gardening For Children

Gardening – particularly if you’re growing your own food – has a multitude of health and general wellness benefits which will greatly improve the lot of any human [1], regardless of their age. Our children, however, are likely to experience a diverse and lasting range of benefits which may escape adults. In the main, this is because…

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Growing Your Own Garden: Healthy, Accessible Food for the Whole Family

Around the world, the buzzword in gastronomic and health circles alike, is ‘slow’. With the scientific world publishing countless studies on the health benefits of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’, which is centred on consuming fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, and recent findings on the higher antioxidant content of organic farm vegetables, families around the…

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Balcony Garden & Container Gardening Ideas

Houses are getting bigger and yards are getting smaller. Yet everyone still wants to grow vegetables. With little space available now, you can set up a balcony garden and grow edibles in containers instead. Someone with a lot of experience growing in pots is New Zealander, Fionna Hill and she’s written a new book about…

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