Balcony Garden & Container Gardening Ideas

Houses are getting bigger and yards are getting smaller. Yet everyone still wants to grow vegetables. With little space available now, you can set up a balcony garden and grow edibles in containers instead. Someone with a lot of experience growing in pots is New Zealander, Fionna Hill and she’s written a new book about…

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Mental Health Benefits of a Vegetable Garden

Today’s post is a guest post from Helen Gough.* There are many practical reasons why people choose to grow their own vegetables. Many enjoy having their own, customized garden full of fresh, organic produce with no added chemicals or pesticides. For others it is a financially viable option – in times of economic turbulence, investing…

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Growing Blueberries

I’m pretty fond of blueberry pie and blueberry muffins (but then again … who isn’t?) so it was pretty obvious that I should start growing blueberries in my home garden to resource my “dietary needs” of pie and muffins. I’d seen a new variety of blueberry called Blueberry Burst that was suitable for growing in…

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