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La Nina & the summer garden 2020

2020 was the year that everyone discovered gardening!!  Well that’s the way I’m choosing to remember the year that would otherwise be best forgotten. How much difference a year can make. This time last year, we could never have imagined the world events and changes to society that were brought about by COVID-19. With that…

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Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

What do you do with a $4 million dream but only a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the budget? It’s a challenge that many of us would deem too big and that’s how it was for Centennial Parklands in Sydney for a number of years. The need for children to reconnect with nature is…

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Vertical Gardens

Don’t let lack of space be a reason to stop growing some of your own food at home. Recently I saw this vertical garden full of fresh herbs. It was wonderful. Think of what you could cook up with this vast array of culinary delights right outside your door. You don’t even have to have…

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