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Growing Your Own Garden: Healthy, Accessible Food for the Whole Family

Around the world, the buzzword in gastronomic and health circles alike, is ‘slow’. With the scientific world publishing countless studies on the health benefits of the ‘Mediterranean Diet’, which is centred on consuming fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, and recent findings on the higher antioxidant content of organic farm vegetables, families around the…

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Saving Vegetable Seeds

Some years are better than others when it comes to harvesting your own home grown vegetables. When a bumper crop comes around the best thing you can do is to save the seed from this harvest to ensure your best chances of success and reproduce those same results next year. But how do you store…

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Top Tips for Balcony Gardening

You don’t need a 5 acre property or even a backyard to grow your own produce. Surprisingly, quite a lot can actually be grown in pots or containers on a sunny balcony, not only providing you with fresh organic herbs and vegetables, but also saving you money. You can grow leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach…

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