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Avian Trouble Makers!

Cockatoos – you might think they’re great but to me they’re nothing more than avian trouble-makers looking for something to destroy, vandals of the feathered variety, the hoodlums of the air! We’ve been eyeing off some great looking passionfruit each week at the Greengate Community Garden anxiously waiting for them to ripen fully.  Last Monday…

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Bad Hair Day

We all know how excruciating a bad hair day can be, but for Millie, our 3 year old Australorp chook, it’s been a case of having a bad hair MONTH! Why chickens moult as soon as the mercury drops past 5 degrees C beats me. It seems that they have to put up with being…

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First Saffron Flowers

This weekend has been one of great excitement …. the anticipation of my much awaited saffron flowers has almost rivaled that of the birth of my first child! Okay, maybe not … but it was very exciting to finally harvest my first saffron threads. It certainly felt like it’s been just about as long a…

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