Having trouble growing coriander? It’s a love-hate relationship! Those who love it, also hate it because it’s so fickle to grow. Those who hate it, just hate it.

Here’s some tips on how to grow it despite its fickle nature.

TIP 1.
Sow seed in the first week of every month of the year, then you’ll have a continual supply. Coriander is a short lived herb so don’t expect it to last more than a couple of months.

Sow coriander every month for a continual supply

TIP 2.
Sow seed directly where it will grow, in a container or in the ground. Coriander suffers badly from transplant shock and can trigger the plant to “bolt” to seed prematurely. That’s why you shouldn’t bother planting your store bought bunch or potted herb from the supermarket.

TIP 3.
Plant it in good soil, e.g. organic potting mix or soil enriched with compost and worm castings. Cover the seed with vermiculite and keep it damp until it germinates (might mean watering every day in hot weather). Cover with bird protection if needed.

TIP 4.
Once it germinates, liquid feed your coriander plants every 2 weeks with fish emulsion and seaweed solution. This will keep it growing strong. If it is nutrient stressed or water stressed then it’s sure to bolt.

TIP 5.
Collect the seed after the plant flowers. Wait until the seed is fully mature and looks dry and brown. Collect seed from the plant that bolts LAST (not the first one to flower), that way you build resistance and longevity in successive generations.

Save this post for the next time you grow coriander and send it to someone who LOVES coriander.