olympic logo.pngWith Olympic fever in the air, it’s hard not to get a little wrapped up in the patriotism of a nation winning gold. It makes me proud to be an Aussie when I see the winners up on the podium receiving their medals. Now, I’m not a swimmer or runner and I can’t throw a ball straight let alone a shot put or javelin, so in honour of the country’s olympic performance, I thought I’d do something more suited to my level of nationalism – I visited my botanic garden featuring native flora.

Luckily the gardens are just up the road from me, so I can enjoy the benefits of Australian’s unique type of flora whenever I feel the need to exert some nationalism. I encourage everyone to take a trip to the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mt Annan if you ever get the chance, particularly now that the government has made it free entry.


What could be more Australian than this? It just typifies the Aussie laid back spirit. The old cottage surrounded by the verandah with a gum tree shading the patrons lazing around the grounds. Can you hear the “Coo-ee!” and the cycadas in the background? This is the cafe near the playground at the gardens, a wonderful place to picnic.

I take a stroll up to see the diversity illustrating the evolution of the Australian flora in the Connections Garden (developed on the site of the old Terrace Garden). The revamped 4.5-hectare Garden will be a roofless museum which explores the interconnectedness of people and the natural world. Surrounding this garden are many annual and perennial cottage garden style displays that are the focus for the annual wildflower display. It’s shrouded by bird netting to keep the display perfect for visitors when it’ll be at it’s best in about 3 weeks time. August/September is the perfect time to see it.

bird netting.png

Here’s some before and after shots of what to expect from the cottage borders.

cottage border 1.png
cottage border 2.png

Beautiful blue tones of Dampiera, Scaevola, Derwentia and Hardenbergia.


Delightful pink blooms of Boronia, Leptospermum, Crowea, Thryptomene


Silver foliage of Cushion Bush and the spectacular Eremophila with golden paper flowers to complement.

Cushion Bush.png

There’s plenty to see and admire at the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mt Annan, so make a trip out soon and enjoy a picnic while you’re at it. Picnic spots are available in the Banksia garden, Acacia garden and the lakeside.