Cockatoos – you might think they’re great but to me they’re nothing more than avian trouble-makers looking for something to destroy, vandals of the feathered variety, the hoodlums of the air!

We’ve been eyeing off some great looking passionfruit each week at the Greengate Community Garden anxiously waiting for them to ripen fully.  Last Monday I arrived only to find that a flock of white destroyers had attacked our crop and left the place strewn with carcasses like a battlefield.

Green half-eaten unripe passionfruit were scattered like grenades around our garden.  The seeds, like shrapnel, were sprayed over the beds.

I could almost forgive them if the cockatoos had come simply to get a free feed, but they’re like the burglars who, not only steal your TV, DVD and laptop but also trash the house on the way out.  Similarly, these birds had come, had their feast and then decided that a food fight was in order, with whole passionfruit found around the garden with only a bite taken out of the skin.

Not even Sally the Scarecrow was enough to put them off.  Maybe Sally shouldn’t have had such a smile on her face [Picture Coming Soon].  She was just a bit too smug!  It just goes to show that some bird controls work and others are just fun to make.