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Description of Modules


Growing your own veggies is an important step towards good health for you and your family.
It might not seem like much but together, we can make a significant difference to our environment.

In this module learn about the reasons for growing your own produce and discover the 5 biggest mistakes that beginners make.

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Module 1 – Planning and Design

A bit of careful planning and design work will help you avoid many problems in the garden.

So it’s important to look at these things before you even get your hands dirty. This module will show you the best place for your veggie patch and what you can realistically expect to grow.

Module 2 – Preparation

This is where you learn how to prepare your garden bed to ensure a thriving crop.

We look at what makes soil good or bad for growing your veggies. Learn what sort of organic materials are best to prepare the beds and how to mulch your garden.

Module 3 – No Dig Gardens

No dig gardens are a great way to start a veggie patch.

It’s easy, simple and you can have a garden bed ready in an afternoon.

I’ll show you step by step how to construct these beds using layered organic materials.

Module 4 – Crop Rotation

People often make the mistake of planting the same thing in the same place year after year.

This can actually make your soil toxic!  So this module teaches your the planting scheme for a 4 year crop rotation. Learn what plants grow well together and compliment each other for pest and disease control.

Module 5 – Seasonal Planting

Pest and disease problems are worse when plants are grown out of season.

This module will teach you the difference between cool season and warm season plants.

Module 6 – Sowing Your Own Seed

Sowing your own seed will save you a truck load of money rather than buying seedlings every time your want to plant.

I’ll share the secrets of sowing seed so that they all germinate every time. We look at the best choice of seeds, pots and potting mixes to use.

Module 7 – Maintaining Your Crop

It’s disappointing to put all that effort into getting your veggies planted out only to have them not reach a successful harvest.

This module shows you how to techniques for succession planting so you avoid having everything cropping all at once. It also looks at liquid feeding, the purpose of flowers and herbs in the garden and offers some basic pest and disease control.

Backyard Veggies 1 - Online WorkshopFor details on

  • bonuses
  • special launch discount
  • how to order

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