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Knowing what to look for in the garden can be a little tricky for the untrained eye. Often we end up killing the natural predators and leave the unwanted pests to ruin our crops. So how do you know who to protect and who to destroy in our gardens …..

One of my all-time favourite books is The Garden Guardians. This is beautifully photographed by award winning Jane Davenport. The pictures are invaluable for the reader to identify our allies and who are our enemies. Personally I think it’s worthy of the “coffee table book collection” because the graphics are not only informative but beautifully crafted.

This is a book that I refer to time and again whenever I’m in doubt about the nature of insects in my garden. After all, I’m looking to encourage biodiversity and invite natural predators for a visit, or even to set up home in my garden. It gives a brief overview of all the different creatures and describes their distinguishing features to help avoid confusion.

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The book also gives some good advice on how to attract them, including tips on providing food, water and shelter. No to be remiss, the author also warns of the potential nasty elements in the garden, making it easy for us all to identify things like fruit fly, European wasps and ticks.

The Garden Guardians by Jane Davenport.
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