Grow Juicy Tomatoes

“Just got myself a copy of this great book called¬†How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes which is certainly a “must have” for anyone wanting to grow healthy tomato plants. Written by a plant nutrition and disease specialist who is an expert advisor to professional growers and horticulturists, it’s jam packed with all sorts of great info, including 260 colour photos.

It contains a wealth of information on soil preparation, growing in pots and greenhouses, staking, irrigation, nutrition, disease control and pest control. It also has a section on organic growing and growing by the moon phases. It comes with a CD which contains a huge database of 1300 varieties, plus 4 extra bonus files.

I can highly recommend purchasing it – it’s available as an ebook for instant download or in glossy hard cover format, delivered by airmail.”

Here’s the link -> Grow Juicy Tomatoes