Home grown ginger harvest

Steps for harvesting your own homegrown ginger

1. Wait until fall (autumn) for foliage to turn yellow and start to die back. 

2. Snap off a section of the rhizome and keep the rest growing, as seen here in a large container. You can harvest the whole lot in winter after the plant dies down completely.

3. Wash off any soil.

4. Select the older section for eating but reserve the younger fresh section for repotting.

5. Fill a small container with potting mix.

6. Place the younger fresh section just under the surface and top up with more potting mix.

7. Store your potted ginger under cover over winter, then pot into a bigger container in spring.

And repeat!!

Watch this video to see how easy it is to grow and harvest your own ginger in a pot

Harvesting and growing ginger in a pot