Herbs for the Home & Garden

Herbs for the Home & Garden (half day)

at the Veggie Lady’s own garden – morning tea class notes.
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Nothing is better than cooking with fresh herbs but too often we waste what we buy from the supermarket. So why not learn how to grow your own herbs at home and avoid the waste, save money and always have fresh herbs at the back door. Learn how to cultivate a variety of herbs in one small space by building a herb spiral or growing them in pots.

This workshop allows you to explore popular common herbs as well as the more exotic ones. Sample some of them during afternoon tea and learn how to make fresh herbal teas.

Topics include –

  • annual vs perennial herbs
  • growing herbs for dry, wet & fertile spots
  • make a herb spiral
  • different uses for herbs
  • medicinal herbs
  • make your own herbal tea
  • choosing suitable herbs for pots

Workshop includes home-baked afternoon tea and class notes.

Organic seeds and other garden needs also for sale on the day.