Sometimes you just get it wrong!!

I’ve had my Lemon Verbena planted in front of my kitchen window for years but recently it’s become too big and started to block some of the light that I get through the window. I didn’t realise how tall it would get when I first bought it and I made the mistake of planting it in the wrong spot. (Haven’t we all done that before!!)

I love this plant for so many reasons so I wanted to keep it and decided that I would transplant it to a better position. So here’s a few tips for successful transplanting.

1. Deciduous plants are usually best transplanted while dormant and without their leaves. Evergreens, like citrus trees for example, are best moved in spring or autumn (fall) while the weather is still mild and sap is flowing.

2. When cutting through the roots, do it in stages. First, cut a ring around the root ball to a spade’s depth and leave the roots underneath intact. Keep it like this for a week or two. This allows some fresh roots to grow in the root ball near the cuts while the tree can still access nutrients from the uncut roots underneath.

3. Give the plant a good soak, filling the hole a couple of times and allowing it to seep through and soften the ground around it. Soak it on the last time with diluted seaweed solution to help stimulate root growth and reduce the transplant shock to the tree.

4. When you’re ready to move it, make sure a large hole is dug and ready to take the tree in the new position. Then dig through the remaining roots on the underside of the rootball. Lift the tree and place it in the new location. Trim back some of the branches so the tree doesn’t become top-heavy.

5. Backfill with soil and firm down the tree into position. Create a mote around the top of the soil to direct irrigation around the plant. Water a couple of times to give it a good soak and do a final dose again with seaweed solution. Keep up regular watering until you see shoots appearing.

Save this post for future mistakes.