Rosemary Manners.pngWhen I’m asked about organic pest and disease control by gardeners wanting to steer clear of harmful pesticides, my answer is always to concentrate on growing instead of killing. Soil nutrition is the key to avoiding pesticides. The same principles we use in the garden can also apply to our own personal human health. Good nutrition, balanced diets, stress management and good hydration are critical for both plants and humans. So with this in mind, today I introduce a new guest blogger Rosemary Manners from Harmony Pharmacy, to give us some tips on a holistic approach to personal health. Rosemary has a unique set of qualifications, being a qualified pharmacist, naturopath, nutritionist and aromatherapist. Not ignoring the psychology of health, Rosemary also trained in NLP to discover why we choose the things we do. Let’s hear from her.

Let me start by saying I’m passionate about health. I value health very highly and love to guide clients on their road to health.

My commitment to heath started when I graduated from Sydney University with my Bachelor of Pharmacy 25 years ago. Ten years ago I completed a Diploma of Naturopathy from Naturecare College. Since then I have been studying the mind and the decisions we make in relationship to health. This study has included Neurolinguistic programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.

I am committed to helping you understand your health in an integrated way. Medicines are great. I love the effect drugs can have on a diseased body. I also believe that natural therapies can help in any disease state. Your health answer is the one that you choose, I am here to give you the information to make that choice.

What would you do if you suddenly faced a hungry tiger or some other savage beast?

Well, thousands of years ago you may have had to deal with this form of stress. To ensure your survival, you would have had to run fast, put up an almighty fight or try to outsmart the hungry beast.

Today, although we don’t face hungry tigers trying to make a meal of us, we do face other forms of stress. Today the tiger is in the form of stresses like our boss expecting more from us, relationship stress, family stress and traffic jams, just to name a few. Many of us are so used to feeling stressed, we sometimes don’t even recognise how much stress is affecting us.

We live in a time….where tragedies, joys and trauma flash by so quickly. We rush from work, to the kids, to play, check the bank account then back to work at a faster and faster pace We give ourselves very little time to process before we embark on the next adventure.

Meanwhile our bodies are unable to recognise the difference between a hungry tiger and life stress – whatever the trigger, it responds with the “Fight or Flight” response. The brain and adrenal glands secrete adrenaline and noradrenaline and the adrenal glands also secrete cortisol. These chemicals increase blood flow to the brain, heart, lungs and muscles so that you can run fast! Cortisol also increases the amount of sugar released into your blood so that you can feed those racing muscles. During this time, as reproductive and digestive functions are unimportant, they are suppressed. Once the stress is over these chemical messengers return back to normal and balance is restored.

veggies.pngThis fight or flight response is not a problem unless it does not switch off, as in the case of chronic stress.

Here are a number of things that can reduce that stress response.

Nutrition: Follow a high energy non-inflammatory diet that can deliver the vitamins and minerals you need to preform your daily tasks.

Herbs: Herbal medicine may help rebalance specific types of stress patterns and therefore help to support positive stress management.

Massage: Clinical studies re-enforce that massage reduces cortisol levels and therefore the fight and flight response.

Supplements: If you are stressed, you actually need more magnesium than usual to keep your muscles relaxed and keep your nervous system going. Vitamin B is your get up and go vitamin and an integral part of the nervous system.


YOGA and Meditation: Regular sessions as well as periodic retreats result in positive health effects.

Radiance Therapy is a nurturing, healing and rhythmical skin and body ritual which includes guided meditation, a simple yoga breathing technique and a unique facial massage. A deep state of relaxation and peaceful inner stillness supports and enhances your body’s natural healing response.

Neurolinguistic programming: Maybe you don’t need to carry the baggage of negative emotions around with you.

Harmony Pharmacy is based in Sydney and offers a comprehensive medical dispensary with pharmacist advice, naturopathic consulting rooms, therapeutic massage and a yoga school. Harmony’s professional staff believe that most disease states can benefit from combining orthodox medical protocols with naturopathy. You can learn about the best of both worlds by visiting the store in person or online at