Here’s a funny list of things you don’t want to hear from a horticulturist when you next visit your nursery:

10. “Oh, so it’s real, not plastic then?”

9. “I find plants a bit of a drag, to be honest. I’m more of a computers and television person myself.”

8. “I was sure the Canadian Maple was an Australian Native.”

7. “Just ignore those weeds, they’ll die out in time.”

6. “Now, remember, this is for medicinal use only.”


5. “Generally, I prune back to a stump.”

4. “Dirt – oh, yuck. It’s so dirty.”

3. “I’m better at maintaining my virtual garden than my real one.”

2. “Yep, one of these containers held Round-Up, but which one?”

1. “No, I’ve never read a Horticultural Journal.”

Taken from Australian Horticulture magazine, January 2011.