With over 100 mm (that’s 4 inches in the old scale) rainfall recorded in my own backyard over the last week I think webbing between my fingers and toes may become a permanent  and necessary addition.  We’ve had the month’s average amount of rain fall in just the first 3 days and there’s no relief in sight for the next couple of days anyway.  My poor garden is sure to suffer.

Gotta love this Cumberland Plain clay that we live on at a time like this.  Not only is the pool fit for swimming (albeit a little too chilly) but also the paths between the veggie patches have become great wading pools too. Just when the water finally seeps into the heavy clay soil, the garden gets blasted with another beating from yet another downpour.

This is definitely the case for raised garden beds.  Unfortunately, mine aren’t as high as they need to be.  The last time we had extended heavy rain last summer it took out my crop of tomatoes, eggplants and capsicum (good thing I had some separate ones planted in pots).  Good drainage is critical to the survival of a productive veggie garden so it will be plenty of work before my next Spring planting.  Loads of compost (that I’m making and building it up right now), lucerne, manures and straw will need to go into my beds to keep up a good supply of veggies for the family.

Looks like the washing will also have to be hung indoors again this weekend too.  Rain, rain, go away, come again another day ….