composter flip.jpgHow would you like free fertiliser for your plants forever?

Do you like the idea of composting but a compost bin won’t fit on your balcony?

Does your compost take forever to break down before it’s ready to use on the garden?

Well here’s your chance to win a twin barrel composter that will give you great compost in only a few weeks …. and it will even fit on a balcony.
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The Roto Twin Composter 140 ltr from composting home is a great way to turn your waste into fertiliser without all the problems.

Compost problems

I’ve been showing home gardeners how to compost effectively for over 15 years and there always seems to be the same common problems that gardeners experience. These are a few of the issues that many people have (I wonder how many you can identify with).

* Cockroaches and mice get into the compost

* The compost takes forever to break down and be ready to use on the garden

* The contents of the compost bin are wet, slimy and smelly

* Fruit fly and maggots get in the bin

* The volume of compost never seems to get any bigger despite me putting kitchen scraps in

These are very common problems, but they’re all really easy to rectify. Let me tell you how.

Composting principles

First you need to think about ADAM whenever you compost.
Adam stands for:
A – Aliveness
D – Diversity
A – Aeration
M – Moisture

A good compost is Alive with billions of micro organisms that help break down the materials you put in the compost heap. As one large scale composter producer once said, “I’m not making compost, I’m farming microbes.” A truer word could not be said because good compost is all about making sure you have the right environment for the microbes to do their thing for you.

Your responsibility is to provide a Diverse range of materials, mixing wet ingredients (like veggie scraps and lawn clippings) with dry ingredients (like shredded paper, straw and sawdust) to balance the conditions for the microbes properly.

Turning your compost heap gives it Aeration. Bacteria is fueled by moisture and oxygen to break material down quickly. A weekly turn of your compost keeps it well aerated and kicking along nicely.

Keeping your compost heap Moist (i.e. damp to touch, not dry or soggy wet) is your next key responsibility.

Roto Twin Composter 140 ltr

Keep reading for your chance to win this composter.

So I think the Roto Twin Composter is ideal to help your achieve ADAM.
Filling the composter to about 2-thirds full will allow the materials inside to be well aerated when you turn the barrel every week. The beauty of the twin barrel is that while one side is “cooking” or breaking down into compost, the other side can be used to collect your new material.

composter full.jpg

The 140 litre barrel is the perfect size for collecting kitchen scraps, straw, paper, weeds and other material from general household waste. If you balance your wet and dry material, turn it every week and keep it moist, then you’ll definitely be getting great rich compost ready to use on the garden in only a couple of months. Some claim to have it even quicker!

The other bonus is that the Roto Twin Composter is on legs. It’s off the ground and it’s fully sealed, so you won’t get any problems with mice or crockroaches. Just put a wheel barrow or bucket underneath the barrel and it becomes real easy to collect your compost when it’s ready.

You will even fit this composter on a balcony.

So now there’s no excuse, everyone can do it!

Win Your Own Composter

To help you get started composting home is offering you a chance to win this composter valued at $199 and they’ll even deliver it to your home (Australia only).

All you need to do is tell us why you need one of these composters.

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Competition open until 5pm Sunday 11th May 2014, so get in quick! Winner announced on Monday 12th May, 2014.
Good luck!!!