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Keeping chickens without destroying the garden

I love keeping chickens in the backyard and collecting fresh organic eggs every day. They’re great at pecking off pests from the plants and interrupting the pest reproductive cycle by gobbling up any insect eggs or larvae. The drawback, however, is that they scratch up the garden in the process and can wreak havoc with…

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How to get more than you bargain for when pruning trees.

I’ve been pruning trees around my yard and have quite a bit of mess as a result. A friendly request from an unknown neighbour at the rear of the property provided the motivation I needed to do a bit of tidying up.

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Chicken whisperer

It’s time to talk turkey …. well, at least, try chicken chatter. As a chook owner it’s important to understand your chicken’s different vocabulary. Or so I found out this morning. If you aren’t fluent in chicken as a second language and you own some chooks, then I suggest you find out soon. It could…

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