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Australian Garden Show Sydney Discount Tickets

Spring is just around the corner for those of us in the Southern hemisphere and I can feel the sap flowing already with excitement. The Australian Garden Show Sydney is on again for the second year at Centennial Parklands from Thursday 4-7 September. This time it’s going to be bigger and better with celebrities like…

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Choosing a Compost Bin

Compost is one of the best fertilisers you can use on your vegetable garden. It’s cheap, it recycles waste and often local councils will give you some monetary incentive to buy one, some even give them away for free. There are so many different ones: bins, bays, barrels, piles, tumblers, heaps and containers; with so…

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Gardening Books for Beginners

If you’re a first time gardener and looking to get a bit more general knowledge without being overwhelmed by technical detail, then Jennifer Stackhouse’s new gardening book, GARDEN is a great choice. The book opens with a lesson on watering your garden, a task that many people get wrong, so it’s a great place to…

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