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Balcony Garden & Container Gardening Ideas

Houses are getting bigger and yards are getting smaller. Yet everyone still wants to grow vegetables. With little space available now, you can set up a balcony garden and grow edibles in containers instead. Someone with a lot of experience growing in pots is New Zealander, Fionna Hill and she’s written a new book about…

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5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid if You Grow Vegetables

We’ve all made mistakes, some bigger than others! When I started growing vegetables I think I did everything wrong, so you’re not alone. Eventually … through trial and error …. blood, sweat and tears … and lots of research …. I got it right …Yah!! So here’s the “good oil” for you on how to…

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Growing Vegetables in a Small Garden

Vertical Vegetable Gardening by Chris McLaughlin is not so much a book about which vegetables are climbers or twiners as it is a guide to growing your fruit and veggies in small spaces. It does indeed, explain the habit of twiners, toplers and tendrils, and even allocates an entire section of the book to the…

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