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7 secrets from the local farmers market

If you want all the local gossip, then all you need to do is to get yourself down to your local producers or farmers market to find out who’s who and what’s what! So that’s exactly what I did recently to catch up with all that’s been happening in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

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“Biota Dining” Restaurant Review & Farmers Market

Biota – bio-ta, noun meaning “animals and plant life of a particular region”. As soon as I saw the name of the restaurant, BIOTA Dining, I thought it had my name all over it! Now this was a restaurant that I wanted to try out …. in fact, I NEEDED to try it out (well…

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Ferry Building Marketplace

It’s a ritual for so many of us …. even an addiction for some. I border on the latter, for without my Saturday morning fix, my week is simply not complete. I’m talking about my weekly trip to the farmers’ market, where I not only take in the produce but, equally, the atmosphere. I love…

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