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Good Food Month Macarthur Local Producers Dinner

It was one of those meals that left a strong impression on me …. for all the right reasons. I missed out on last year’s inaugural Macarthur Producers Gastronomic Feast, so I made sure I didn’t miss this years event for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Month in October and got my tickets early…

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When to Harvest Corn

Corn, or sweet corn as it is often referred to, is a popular vegetable among adults and kids alike. When you grow your own corn at home, you start to understand how really good (and sweet) it can be. It’s been said that you should put the pot of water on the stove and only…

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Caught In The Act

How do you control grubs on your tomatoes without poisoning yourself at the same time? How do you stop grubs eating all of your cabbages before you get a chance to? Now, I’ve been caught in the act! Well, not me … it’s the wasp that does my organic pest control that’s actually been caught…

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