Growing and harvesting ginger

Steps for harvesting your own homegrown ginger 1. Wait until fall (autumn) for foliage to turn yellow and start to die back.  2. Snap off a section of the rhizome and keep the rest growing, as seen here in a large container. You can harvest the whole lot in winter after the plant dies down completely.…

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Workplace Wellness Workshops

Do you deserve a break? This organisation thought their employees did.⁣ They encouraged their employees to “pause” and take time out from so much screen time and zoom meetings to reconnect with the natural world.⁣ Wouldn’t you like a boss like that? Can you guess who the employer was?⁣ Make a macrame hanging pot holder…

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Growing Backyard Bananas

How good are homegrown bananas! Do you know the best way to harvest them? Many people harvest the whole bunch but that means they all ripen at the same time and you have sooooo many bananas to eat within a week. So I have learnt the best way to harvest is to cut off a…

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