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Veggie Lady Workshop Gift Certificate

Workshop Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Have a friend or relative who is a “gardening fanatic” or maybe they just want to learn a bit more. A gift certificate to the Veggie Lady’s workshops makes the perfect gift. $110 for full one day workshop (postage free)

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Grow the Best Juicy Tomatoes

“Just got myself a copy of this great book called How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes which is certainly a “must have” for anyone wanting to grow healthy tomato plants. Written by a plant nutrition and disease specialist who is an expert advisor to professional growers and horticulturists, it’s jam packed with all sorts of great…

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Soil pH iPhone app

Soil pH iPhone App (Available Now) My Soil pH iPhone app has been approved and is for sale in the itunes store. It is designed to help you test your soil pH correct your soil pH find the correct pH ranges for your plants Click here to find out more.

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