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Harvesting worm castings

Finding Brown. Have you found brown? If you haven’t then you better!! Here’s why …. Brown material in your worm farm will determine whether your castings are any good, so you should always remember to ADD BROWN materials as well as veggie scraps. Otherwise it’s going to be a horrible sludgy, stinky mess. (I think…

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Pruning apple and pear trees

It’s the thing I love about the changing seasons …. Goodbye apples 🍏👋 Hello citrus 🍋🍊  I love the way nature provides a variety of produce all year round. Just when you’re getting sick of one thing … the next thing starts cropping. Apparently eating with the seasons is supposed to be good for you…

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Community gardens

A garden is a great uniter of people everywhere, regardless of race, colour, political or spiritual view. It has one language, the language of plants. That is community. Community has become so important with all these recurring Covid lockdowns since isolation is such a huge contributor to mental health problems. So whether we are a…

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