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Growing Blueberries

I’m pretty fond of blueberry pie and blueberry muffins (but then again … who isn’t?) so it was pretty obvious that I should start growing blueberries in my home garden to resource my “dietary needs” of pie and muffins. I’d seen a new variety of blueberry called Blueberry Burst that was suitable for growing in…

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Why is my plant dying?

Have you ever had a plant or tree die on you without any apparent reason? Does it make you wonder what the heck you did wrong or what mysterious disease the plant picked up … or does it perhaps leave you suspecting the neighbour of some foul play? Many times I’ve seen plants suddenly drop…

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Good Food Month Macarthur Local Producers Dinner

It was one of those meals that left a strong impression on me …. for all the right reasons. I missed out on last year’s inaugural Macarthur Producers Gastronomic Feast, so I made sure I didn’t miss this years event for the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Month in October and got my tickets early…

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